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BMW may have scooped a series of prizes at the 2020 WhatCar? Car of the Year Awards but secured the runner-up spot in the Technology category. 

The German manufacturer has launched integrated cameras which record footage from various points around the vehicle and then save footage to a USB stick. 

If the car is involved in an accident cameras will automatically save 20 seconds before and 20 seconds after the crash for video evidence. 

The revolutionary technology will prove vital for car insurance claims and can prevent the risk of ‘crash for cash’ schemes where criminals purposely hit vehicles to claim compensation on policies. 

Speaking on the technology, Matthew Avery said: “This trend-setting tech from BMW enables drivers to record events, helping them to refute bogus claims.”

Hyundai’s new centre airbag also claimed the runners-up spot in an upgrade Thatcham’s Research claims is a genuine step forward in passive safety. 

The airbag is placed between the driver and passenger which helps reduce the risk of both each other’s heads in a car accident. 

The airbag also helps cushion the driver inside his seat and means the body moves around less in the event of a collision. 

Avery said: “Mounting the airbag in the centre console segregates occupants to offer both thorax and head protection in lateral impacts.”

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