Report Insurance Fraud

If you know anyone involved in committing insurance fraud, you are paying for this with increased insurance premiums. This money can then be used to fund other criminal activity. Please help the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) in their fight to protect honest customers.

The IFB together with crime stoppers have created Cheatline – a confidential way to report insurance fraud anonomously.

You can report insurance fraud to the IFB in two free and confidential ways.

1. Speak to the IFB on 0800 422 0421, or
2. Complete the on-line form by clicking the “Continue” button here.

All information provided, by telephone or on-line, will be treated in the strictest confidence by the IFB Cheatline staff who will identify the affected insurer and work with them to ensure that the reported fraud is detected, investigated and prevented. Please click on a link in the Cheatline Outcomes box on the right to see examples of how reporting fraudsters to the Cheatline has made a difference.

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