Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance fraud is commonplace and it costs the country, as well as innocent policy holders, billions every single year. A number of groups and organisations have been set up in a bid to tackle this growing blight and they are enjoying a degree of success, but some cases have proven extremely difficult to tackle. This has led to an increase in demand for people that are experienced as insurance fraud investigators and it means that insurance companies are more likely to employ them or use their services.

Insurance fraud can be very difficult to prove. In the case of crash for cash rings, teams of fraudsters work together in order to engineer a car accident and then claim for non-existent or exaggerated injuries and damage to their car. They may damage their brake lights to contrive an accident with the car behind, or they may seemingly give up their right of way by flashing another car through at a junction before quickly driving out.

Without eye witnesses, it can be very difficult to prove either of these types of case. However, this is the job of an insurance fraud investigator, who will have a very specific set of skills that combine to help them determine whether fraud has been committed or not. Also, investigators may act as a group or they may be required to conduct their investigations alone.

An insurance fraud investigator may not have the specific skills required to forensically study the scene of an accident but they will usually visit the scene. They will try to get a clear picture of what happened and determine who was where. Using this information they may be able to determine the likelihood of an accident having been caused on purpose or by accident but they will usually require the assistance of scene investigators to get a more accurate picture and draw a more accurate conclusion.

Insurance fraud investigators will look for patterns and trends. If a claimant has been involved in numerous car accidents or personal injuries over a certain space of time then it is possible that they are involved in some form of insurance fraud. The investigator will use this information in order to launch a more thorough investigation, in the hope of uncovering fraud.

Investigators will typically liaise with the police, other investigators, insurance companies, and witnesses. It is not uncommon for insurance fraudsters to employ the services of fraudulent witnesses and it is the job of the investigator to determine whether this is the case or not. They will usually ask questions of witnesses and then use the answers to determine the actual cause of the accident and whether a driver is innocent of blame or not.

The role of the insurance fraud investigator is an important one. They are important to insurance companies because they can help avoid substantial claims while preventing criminals from being able to commit similar crimes in the future. They are important to the innocent driver involved in accidents because they can help to identify the person that is really to blame for an accident, and they are important to the police because they can help identify criminals and fraudsters.

Crash for cash scams have become more commonplace and more complex. This means that they are more difficult to detect than ever before as the fraudsters use a range of tactics and an increasingly complex web of witnesses and drivers to help perpetrate their crime. Investigators are those that are responsible for getting to the bottom of an accident and determining exactly who was responsible and how the accident occurred.