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Fuelcards.co.uk motoring news: Crashing for cash


Insurance firm Direct Line has named the top ten areas in the UK for ‘crash for cash’ frauds.


Based on a countrywide survey of suspicious claims, the firm’s list features Centenary Way in Trafford Park, Manchester, in the number one spot. The second and third places go to two roundabouts on the M65: Haslingden at Junction 5 and Scotland Road at Junction 13.


Crash for cash incidents are a form of organised insurance fraud. Perpetrators make unnecessary emergency stops in busy areas, forcing nearby vehicles to crash into them. The fraudsters then make exaggerated or bogus claims for personal injury to the other motorist’s insurance firm.


Direct Line claims that crash for cash incidents cost every other motorist around £44 a year in additional premiums.


Kate Lotts is Director of Specialist Claims at Direct Line. She said: “Crash for cash scams pose a significant risk to public safety. As well as adding to the cost of insurance, they delay payouts on genuine claims as any reported accident at a known scam site has to undergo additional investigations. The actions of a few cost motorists a significant amount of money and pose a real threat to people’s lives.”


Earlier this week, a judge called on drivers in Essex to recognise the seriousness of road rage.


Sentencing Chelmsford man Ian Ward to five years in jail, suspended for 18 months, for dangerous driving and common assault, Judge Anthony Goldstaub said: “People in Essex, particularly Essex – it seems to be a common problem here – must realise that road rage can mean prison.”


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