Driver captures man’s ‘shameless crash for cash compensation attempt’ – Yahoo News UK

This is the shocking moment a driver captures a pedestrian who appears to attempt a shameless ‘cash for crash’ compensation claim by dashing in front of a car.

The dashcam footage, captured in St Helen’s, Merseyside, this week shows a motorist driving along a quiet residential street.

A man then appears to the right of the footage on the curb, looking towards oncoming vehicles.

As the motorist passes by, he dashes across the road straight into its path – forcing the driver to brake sharply.

The pedestrian, clearly hoping the car would make contact with him, has to make an embarrassing hop to the other side of the road after his stunt backfires.

The passenger in the car, who wished to stay anonymous along with the driver, released the footage to make other motorists aware of the potential scam.

She said: “My boyfriend immediately slammed on the brakes and we managed to stop in time, luckily.

“At first, we were just in shock and glad to have not hit him.

“Looking back at the footage has made us feel quite angry, as he has not only put himself in danger, but us and other road users too.

“I’m usually quite an anxious person anyway, but this has made me think what if this happens again.

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