Dash cams could save you hundreds pounds in repairs with this little-known feature – Express

Heather Yates, in-car technology expert at Halfords can function like witnesses if your car is bumped, scraped or broken into.

She said: “[Dashcams] offer drivers greater peace of mind and protection for when they are not there, and having them placed prominently on a car windscreen can even discourage bad behaviour by making people more accountable for their actions.”

If your car was bumped or scratched by another driver who drove off and you didn’t have a dash cam then you may not be able to track or find them.

This way, you have a defence and also an extra layer of security.

Source Article from https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1134524/Dash-cam-save-hundreds-pounds-repairs-feature-parking-mode

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