Car insurance ALERT – Simple errors that could see you prosecuted for fraud – Express

If it is found that the driver has falsified information about things such as the address, job, where the car is parked overnight etc then the insurer could refuse to pay out for a claim.

Matt Oliver, from GoCompare car insurance, explained to; “It’s incredibly important to be as honest and accurate as possible with your insurer, as the consequences of misleading or withholding information can be really severe.

“Technically speaking, insurance is considered a contract of ‘good faith’ which basically means that both insurers and customers need to disclose all relevant information.

“That means, for example, if you’re asked a question by your insurer like how many miles you drive, what your occupation is, whether you’ve had a claim or conviction in the past, or anything else, you need to answer honestly and as accurately as you can for your policy to be valid.

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