‘British courts will decide!’ Davis insists UK courts WILL have power over ECJ in Britain – Express.co.uk

“With respect to the adjudicator of it, it will of course be by British courts.”

Mr Davis savaged his Brexit opponent in the Commons, saying the Labour politician had “no options of your own”.

The Brexit Secretary slapped down Keir Starmer over his own lack of insight over the ongoing Brexit negotiations, saying the shadow Brexit secretary had no options of his own.

Mr Davis was 

In a stinging attack at Mr Starmer, Mr Davis said that he Labour opponent provided “lots of carping but not a single proposal.”

He said: “It’s very interesting, he doesn’t have another strategy.”

Source Article from http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/867718/brexit-news-uk-latest-eu-david-davis-ecj-europe-brussels

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